Videóválogatás a 2009.02-04. havi Dominikai Köztársaságbeli utamról

VIDEO! Two more Dominican my stay more to parties, concerts went.

Video: Seaside adhoc dance parties around Nagua. In broad daylight pressed the merengue reggeltÅ ?? l night. I was a bit much already, wooden leg ?? that the sea could not go in because it was full of people, such as after a shipwreck.

Video: Traditional Dominican dance, even in the era of slaves stayed on us. Too bad that by the time I took the camera ?? Ela Ela has descended ZA ?? ?? team, the rocking outfit with ± mulatto girls ?? ELA administration. Then they came to the wrong tree jackets. Because this one was good.

Video: My saccolok out that these taxes in Haiti ?? l ?? ELA attractions. Anyway enough dynamic program gave ELA ??. FA ?? most worth paying attention to the drummer, he’s really going to end . 4-5 pixel, even white teeth can sometimes flashes.

Video: It is the stage before ?? ELA technique dancing girls watch with one eye. Besides me, the dog did not notice because records at the age of two people dancing (l. To another selection edification).

Video: A little more personal thread. A pleasant moments in our lives at home ?? l. Elizabeth Pedikom ± which is reflected in the background of the family.



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